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‚ÄčArt has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. My artistic journey has been a circuitous route starting out as an art major in college, getting a degree in psychology and working for many years in the field of accounting. But I have always made art in some shape or form because when I create with my own hands, I am at once in a different place and smack dab in the here and now.

I reunited with my love for painting in 2010 when I joined an online creative community. Remembering my love for oils, I searched for and found a small atelier, Southgate Studios, where I learned the basics of color, value, shape and form. Those lessons were invaluable. I continue to learn and grow through workshops and books, but mostly I learn from just painting. For me, each painting is an opportunity to learn and hone my skills.

I love the creative process, from the first spark of an idea to the completed product. Painting is my favorite form of expression. I love the challenge of transforming a flat surface into an illusion that appears three dimensional. I think of my paintings as snippets of ordinary life, snapshots of the things we don't notice because it is something we do or encounter everyday. With awareness and being in the present, we find that the ordinary is engaging, humorous and beautiful.

Lately the word "collaboration" has been on my mind. Having moved to North Carolina to be closer to my parents as they age, I am learning what it means to live a collaborative life. The idea that we are all connected, that we are a part of and not separate from all things, intrigues me and I am exploring that theme in my paintings either through subject matter or, as a way of giving back, by contributing a portion of the sales proceeds to organizations that support this idea.